2016 Snooker National Championships latest game video recording Trump 6-5 reversal lore Murphy _1

2016 Snooker National Championships latest game video recording Trump 6-5 reversal lore Murphy
On October 27th, in the 2016/2017 season Snooker National Championship 1/4 knockout (attachment: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + competition player match list/signature), TrumpCompleted three shots to break a hundred, 3-5 was scored under the match point in a three-game winning streak and 6-5 lore Murphy. After Trump advanced to the semi-finals of the National Championships, he will next play against Chinese famous Ding Junhui.  After Trump won the European Masters this season, the back-to-back English Open reached the final and lost to Liang Wenbo. In this national championship, winning streak Yuan Sijun, Ford and Wattana.In the quarter-final match, Trump’s opponent was Murphy, in addition to winning streak Hull, Yan Bingtao and Baird, the two two played 23 times, Trump’s 16 wins and 7 losses dominated.  In the first inning, Trump’s long table scored a coffee ball to serve as a snooker, and Murphy then freed the ball for 16 points.Murphy failed to score again and missed the ball again. Trump got a 67-1 lead and successfully won the game 1-0.  In the second game, Murphy started at 0-7 and scored 35 points. After a small angle, the red ball did not enter. After Trump scored 14 points, he posted a yellow ball to make it a snooker. Murphy made a continuous penalty.Points, Trump then established a 52-35 lead.The yellow ball competed for Murphy to seize the opportunity to get started, and scored a 1-1 draw after scoring the last difficult black ball.  In the third inning, Trump jumped with a long bench and began to intensively. This offense scored 102 points in a row and scored 100 points, winning this inning and leading 2-1 again.In the fourth inning, Trump took the lead to get the chance. After 17 consecutive points, the offensive turnover was interrupted. Murphy then scored 76 points in a single shot and won the game. The total score was 2-2.  In the 5th inning, after Trump’s long table entered, the cue ball was snooker with a green ball. Murphy missed the ball with two consecutive free throws. Trump jumped to a single shot and won the game.3-2 lead again.In the 6th inning, Trump’s long table didn’t make a missed goal. Murphy scored 77 points in a single shot and won this inning to make a 3-3 tie.  In the 7th inning, Trump also got the chance through the long bench. After 36-0, the simple red ball in the bottom pocket failed to score. At this time, Murphy, who was feeling hot, did not miss such an opportunity. He scored 75 points on a single shot.In this round, the total score of 4-3 overtakes.Trump, who took the lead in the eighth inning, scored 7 points and was interrupted. Murphy then won 70 points in a single shot and won the match. After winning three innings, he won the match point 5-3.  In the 9th inning, Murphy missed a chance to make a mistake in kick-off. Trump followed by consecutive overlaps. After scoring 74 points in a single shot, he won the game by overpoints and saved a match point 4-5 behind.In the 10th inning, Trump continued his good condition. After another fight, he completed the third shot of the game and broke 100 points, saving two match points 5-5.In the quarter-final of the 2016 Snooker International Championship, until the Murphy tiebreaker, Trump lost the black ball after 9-0, and then the two sides crossed each other, and the two won the mobile phone meeting in the chaos.After Murphy’s 49-30 lead, the yellow ball went to the safety ball.Murphy scored a yellow goal and a green goal, but Trump jumped and then lost the basketball.After Trump scored again to score the blue and pink balls, he called for the black ball cue ball to eat the corner of the bag and did not choose to defend.In the fight for the black ball, Murphy won’t miss the chance on the long table. After Trump scored the black ball, Murphy advanced to the semifinals with a 6-5 lore.  Watch the game live”》 2016 Snooker National Championship video live broadcast address 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Room/bar